The next generation ActivPanel, powered by Promethean’s external Android™ processor, creates a seamless teaching and learning experience that brings all content and classroom interactivity to life in one easy solution.

Available in 55" - 65" - 75" and 84" screen sizes.

A Tablet-like experience at your fingertips

The ActivPanel is a fully connected interactive display that provides tablet-like functionality for the meeting room or classroom. Presenters, teachers and students can interact with content, simultaneously write and draw and connect mobile devices to mirror content and collaborate. Presenters and teachers can wirelessly share their content/lessons, easily access additional content and download and use their favourite apps.

Interact, draw or write while presenting, browsing a website or watching a video. Launch the instant whiteboarding to maximise presenting, brainstorming, teaching and learning in the moment. Capture annotations and notes during meetings or lessons to send to each participant or student. Launch app stores and download apps to use on the ActivPanel.


Designed For Touch

Interact, draw or write while presenting a lesson, browsing a website or watching a video. 


Capture & Save Work

Capture all annotations, slides and notes during the lesson to send to each student.

Instant Whiteboarding

Launch the Instant Whiteboard to write and draw freely to maximise teaching and learning in the moment.

Educational Apps

Launch app stores to browse and download apps, games and other content to use on the ActivPanel.


Introducing the all new ActivPanel

Power of Usability

Learn more about the ActivPanel

Power of Connectivity

Power of Apps

Power of Extension



Wirelessly mirror mobile devices including smartphones, tablets and laptops onto the ActivPanel by easily scanning a QR code or entering a system code.

Configure to suit your own school and ICT strategy.

Use whatever operating system you like.

External operating device can be upgraded as computer processing advances.

Access preferred education App stores and download content wirelessly.



Included with the ActivPanel - the DIGITAL PEN

Differentiated from touch
Quickly switch between the digital pen and touch functionality to draw, move and scale. The digital pen offers the capability to assign different ink colors to students to track their work. Students can draw with touch and the teacher can erase with pen.

Premium design
Lightweight, curved ergonomic design feels natural in both the left and right hands.

Convenient storage
Pen pot holder attached to the ActivPanel keeps the pen safe and extends battery life.

Hover capability
Within proximity of the surface, the pointer appears for improved performance and tooltips.

Mounting Options

All panels can be wall mounted or used on mobile trolleys, including our motorised height adjustable units, making it easy and comfortable to use the panel regardless of height or application.


Technical Overview

Models / Sizes
Full HD 55”, 65”, and 75” and 4K Ultra HD 65”, 75”, and 84” displays with a fixed wall mount and mobile stand option ensure the entire class has an optimal viewing experience.

Multi-User Capability
Within multi-user applications like Promethean's ActivInspire software, Windows 7, 8 and 10, teachers and students can collaborate using 10 simultaneous touch points and turn-based digital pen.

Extremely Responsive Interactivity
Designed with best-in-class interactivity and a touch response time of 6 milliseconds ensures the technology can keep up with students.

Precise Touch Surface
Promethean’s ActivGlide Technology™ provides an extremely durable glass surface that creates a smooth and seamless touch experience whether you’re scrolling through a web page, taking notes or zooming in on a photo.

The ActivPanel offers a variety of ports for convenient peripheral connectivity, including 4 HDMI ports, 4 USB touch, 2 OPS slots, VGA, Audio, Source Switched USB Hub and more.

External Android
Promethean’s external, upgradeable Android 5.1 device is included with the ActivPanel and provides a built-in Android App Store, 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of Internal Storage.

Operating Systems Compatibility
Windows, OS X, Linux and Chrome OS

Powerful Stereo Sound
Built-in speakers will fill your classroom with deep, crystal-clear sound.

ActivInspire Professional Edition Software is included with the purchase of the ActivPanel. Teachers can deliver interactive lessons and access a wealth of teaching activities, tools and templates. Find specifications and access to ActivInspire Professional Edition on Promethean Planet.

In addition, ClassFlow provides interactive and collaborative use of classroom devices, digital curriculum and assessments for learning. 

3 year RTB standard and up to 5 years Onsite Warranty support as an optional extra!