Clevertouch interactive touchscreens provide a truly magical experience, letting teachers, students, business leaders and people of any background present and interact with their information more readily than ever before.

Built specifically for the demanding school, college, university and business environment, the Clevertouch is built without compromise. An all metal frame, 4mm safety glass, 55" to 84" sizes and multiple mounting and mobility options.

LUX – a better experience with every touch

The new LUX user interface built into every Clevertouch is an advanced Android system for the large-format interactive touchscreen.

LUX makes the Clevertouch a beautiful, intuitive experience through expertly designed touch controls, familiar to any owner of a modern smartphone or tablet.

Not only does LUX put you in complete control of the screen, it also gives you the power of small-screen Apps on a huge display - perfect for teaching or sharing. Whether it's the focused range of Integrated Apps or the unique dedicated educational Cleverstore every, Clevertouch makes you productive right out of the box.

Interacting with a touchscreen is now as familiar as the device in your pocket

Clevertouch design cues are taken from what is around us all: smartphone and tablet technology. Clevertouch believe, when in doubt, don’t make users think. If making a new folder is something you can do on your phones, you will be able to do the exact same thing on an 84″ screen!

Connectivity = flexibility

Every Clevertouch is as flexible as you need it. Offering so many types of connectivity, from HDMI to VGA, LAN to Wifi, USB to AirPlay. All of these connectivity options are managed and organised by LUX, letting you stay in charge and effortlessly move from task-to-task with confidence. The goal is to allow you to be your own IT expert, and LUX is a useful tool, keeping everything logical and literally at your fingertips.

Without exception, we are now all comfortable with the world of Apps and App Stores. Every version of LUX comes with apps suited to your role. Whether it’s the flexibility of the download-on-demand Cleverstore for education, or the convenience of the built in business apps, LUX has your back, giving you access to a growing range of advanced apps, each dedicated to achieving a single task simply.


Mounting Options

All panels can be wall mounted or used on mobile trolleys, including our motorised height adjustable units, making it easy and comfortable to use the panel regardless of height or application.

Clevertouch for Education

Experience the transformative effect of a touchscreen in the classroom.

Clevertouch brings educational technology to students without letting technology get in the way.

The Clevertouch has it's own built in app store letting you start teaching straight from the box. The Clevertouch works without attaching a PC (although you can do that as well).

Clevertouch for Business

Powerfully present your ideas and effortlessly collaborate with colleagues.

Focus your team with Clevertouch and make meetings more meaningful.

Laptop, tablet and even smartphone users can share their screens with the Clevertouch making it ideal for project management, review or any kind of collaborative decision making.