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InstaShow is a Plug and Play presentation system that wirelessly connects a users computer to a display or projector. With the touch of a button the system allows up to eight participants to instantly share their laptop or device screen in full HD quality. It requires no driver installation or execution and is compatible with any OS or hardware platform.

InstaShow is a wireless solution that provides simple display sharing without additional facility investment or training.

Anyone, even those without WiFi infrastructure, can deploy InstaShow for employees and visitors to enjoy simple and quick wireless presentation from any laptop (regardless of type or OS) to any device with an HDMI input. No awkward moments setting up, enabling instant presentation and inspirational results.

One Simple Button to Start Presenting

Just a single button, InstaShow is an all-hardware solution that simply plugs into the source laptop. It takes mere seconds to start presenting wirelessly. There is no software at all to install, configure, or execute, reducing downtime and uncomfortable silences to kick off a productive meeting.

InstaShow OneButton

No Software Setup or Maintenance

InstaShow significantly enhances corporate efficiency and agility by offering a natural, intuitive way for up to sixteen presenters to start presentations without waiting and wasting valuable meeting time.

Additionally, because it has no software to configure or update and no OS compatibility to maintain, InstaShow is free from IT support.

InstaShow No Setup
InstaShow Pairing

Join anytime with simple pairing

Pairing the InstaShow transmit button to a receiver host is equally simple. Just hold down the pairing key on the host for five seconds, and do the same on the transmitter for automatic wireless pairing. The host can even be put into pairing mode via web control, for cases where it is installed onto a ceiling-mounted projector or otherwise hard to reach.