Apps and Online Digital Tools


With our highly connected digital world, educators and businesses are finding easier and faster ways to use technology. Apps and Online Digital Tools are a great way to capitalise on modern technology.

Select the App or Online Tool that best lets you achieve the outcomes you require. Download it, try it, share it with others – most Apps and Online tools are free.  We hope you find our recommendations useful!

Websites for Learning


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Reading Eggs – makes learning to read interesting and engaging for kids, with great online reading games and activities. Online at:

BookTrack – lets you add soundtracks and sound effects to an e-book. Online at -

Storyboard That – website based storyboarding programme with versions for both education and business. Colourful and quite intuitive to use. Pitch a new product or bring a story to life. Online at -

Powtoon – online tool website and tablet/mobile app versions available. Allows you to create cartoon explanation or presentation videos. Very cool! Online at -   Android Apps available

Write About this – NZ version of a visual writing prompt & creation platform. Online at -  Android and Apple App available

The Resource Cupboard - One stop shop for complete ready-to-use Junior Journal, School Journal and Independent Reading Resources. Online at:


Mathletics - platform for supporting maths learning for years 1-13.  Online at:

Mathseeds - Mathseeds teaches kids aged 3-9 the core maths and problem solving skills needed to be successful at school with fun, highly interactive and rewarding lessons. Online at:


Kahoot – Promoted as ‘creating educational games’ but ideal as a quiz/discussion/survey builder.
Online at -   Android App available

Lucid press – easy drag and drop on line publishing tool. Ideal for collaborative publishing activities.
Online at -

Canva – drag and drop graphic design/publishing app - Online at –   iPad App available

Newspaper clipping generator – cute way of creating an authentic looking published newspaper article. (Not an app, more for using with tablets or computers – cool to mirror up onto an Interactive Panel and annotate over to show parts of a newspaper e.g. heading, by-line etc).  Online at -

Voki – FUN! Website where you can create an Avatar ‘hero’ or helper to vocally explain/review/re-tell something in a lesson. Good for capturing kids’ attention. Kids could also create their own to feedback what they’d learnt. Free and upgradeable subscription.  Online at –   Android App available



Google drawing – use as an extension linked to your Google Drive. Platform where you can add text, wordart, images, tables, charts etc to create a ‘drawing’.Online at -

Pixlr – free photo/image editor. Available on-line and also in app form for tablet/mobile devices.   Android App available

Desmos – scientific and graphing calculator. Very cool. Online at -  Android and Apple App available

Video Recording

Wevideo – a cloud based, collaborative video creator/editor. Available on-line and for mobile/tablet devices. Easy and engaging! Online at -  Android and Apple App available

You Tube capture – trim/edit clips and add sound tracks. Then upload to YouTube. Only available as Apple app at present. Online at -   Apple App available


Computational Thinking (Coding)

Scratch and Scratch Junior – A free coding program where students can build stories, games and animations and share them in an on-line community. Website based but software downloadable so you can work off line. Also apps for Tablets/ Mobile devices. Online at - and  Android and Apple App available

Tynker – Very similar to Scratch. Free coding program where kids can build own games, animations etc. Available via website and also tablet/mobile app versions.  Online at -  Android App available

Graphic Organisers – a web based brainstorming programme. Pretty simple/easy.
Online at -

Padlet – like paper or a scrapbook for your screen. Can add anything to it (text, photos, videos). Lots of practical uses for the classroom or in business. Great for collaboration and supports (almost) every file type. Online at - Android and Apple App available

Thinglink – allows you to easily enhance images and videos with additional notes, photos, audio, video, and other multi-media content. Online at - Android and Apple App available

3D Design

Tinkercad – Simple online 3D design and 3D printer app. Online at -

Onshape – A cloud based collaborative CAD platform. Definitely a secondary/tertiary or business app. Online at -  Android App available

Cyberix 3D – a free online game maker. Can also download a Cyberix 3D game player so you can play the games you make on your android device. Online at -



Popplet – a planning/mind mapping tool. Very easy to use, great features, very visual. Online at –
Apple App available

Coggle – an online tool for creating and sharing mindmaps. It works online in your browser: there's nothing to download or install. Chrome extension available so you can link to your Google Drive and collaborate with others. Online at -

More Websites for Learning



Cliche Finder - this tool will help you find cliches in your writing, so you can consider editing them out.

Words for Life - gives insights into communication milestones children might reach as they grow.

WriterDuet - Start your project, then share guest access with people you choose - write online and offline.

Hipster Sounds - Stay focused, improve creativity and relax by creating your own unique cafe environment.

Freesound - an archive of audio snippets, samples and recordings released under licence to allow reuse.

SweetSearch - designed to be a safe search engine for students to use.

Kiddle - a visual search engine designed for kids.

Freepik - find free vector art, photos, PSD and other graphic images.

Twig Science Reporter - a weekly science news service for young kids.


5+ A Day - information about eating five or more servings of fruit and vegetables a day for good health.

Life Education - is a charity that works to educate children about making healthy decisions.

Food A Fact of Life - offers a wealth of free resources about healthy eating, cooking, food and farming.

Amazing Space - Learn more about astronomy, space, telescopes, stars and discoveries.

Windows to the Universe - Explore Earth and space science and related topics.

Little Kids Rock Jam Zone - Learn to write music, play instruments and sing.

Chem4Kids - Explore matter, atoms, elements, the periodic table, reactions and biochemistry.

EurekaAlert! - Discover the latest science, medicine and technology news.

Da Vinci : The Genius - Gain insight into the mind of Leonardo Da Vinci & the principles he discovered.

E.ggtimer - offers an online fullscreen countdown timer.