Classflow Desktop



Classflow Desktop - Easily create and present interactive lessons using your Promethean interactive touch screen display. Connect students to your lessons in real time. Send quizzes, polls and activities to students using laptops, Chromebooks, tablets, smartphones or learner response clickers.

Designed by Teachers for Teachers

The Next-Generation of Interactive Lesson Delivery Software from Promethean



Supports popular
lesson file formats


Works both off-line
and on-line


Available for Windows, Mac
and Linux operating systems


Teaching with a Modern Touch

Open iconCreate/open/present interactive lessons and activities

Draw iconDraw and annotate over existing content and images

Whiteboard iconLaunch instant whiteboard for freestyle writing and drawing

Snapshot iconSnapshot screen and save


Includes a suite of powerful interactive teaching tools such as protractors, calculators, rulers and more!


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Welcome, ActivInspire Users

Promethean have created a new desktop application to make creating and delivering lessons easier.
One place to deliver your Flipcharts or create new lessons, access free resources and
turn anything on your desktop into interactive lesson content.


Enjoy All of Your Existing
Flipcharts and Content

Easily use and access your existing Flipchart, PowerPoint®, Smart Notebook®, and PDF files, while enjoying over 80,000 free resources available in the software. You can even buy and sell your content!


Experience The Same Inspiring
Software Just with a New Look

ClassFlow Desktop offers all of the ActivInspire tools that you know and love, and makes them easier to use! Get started using your favorite tools, or insert our new pre-made activities into your lessons.


Create and Deliver All of Your
Interactive Lessons Offline

ClassFlow Desktop will always be available on your computer ensuring you never have to experience a day without it. Looking for a cloud-based application? We’ve got that too. Sign up for ClassFlow for free.