Trolleys and Mounts

Stands Combined

ActiveVision have a variety of options when it comes to Trolleys and Mounts - fixed or height-adjustable, motorised, wall-mounted or fully mobile.

All trolleys and mounts provide ease of use, flexibility and complement the technology they support. Perfect ergonomics designed to withstand intensive daily use.

Motorised Height Adjustable Wall Mount

This motorised height adjustable unit is floor supported and wall mounted. Renowned for its strength, stability and versatility this unique stand offers great flexibility in a wall mount environment. The stand is designed to withstand intensive daily use and to safely support displays up to 86” or 150 kg. The stand features a centre column, offering 50cm of smooth motorized height adjustment. For added convenience the stand allows for several accessories to be mounted, including PC shelves, Tiny PC or Apple TV etc.

Motorised Wall Mount
Motorised Wall Mount

Heavy Duty Fixed Height

For applications that do not necessarily require height adjustment but mobility is essential, this mobile fixed height trolley is both strong and stable. Designed for strength and durability this trolley will accommodate any size panel from 46” to 86” or 150kg. The systems feature a sturdy aluminium centre column that comes in different heights. Mounted atop the centre column is the panel mount frame which also allows for hardware and cables to be fixed away neatly behind the display.

Conen Scetab H SHAPE
Fixed Height Stand

Mobile Trolleys

ViewSonic Mobile Bundle 270421

Fixed height, electrical height-adjustable, tilting and twin screen options available. Fit additional accessories such as camera and Tiny PC for a fully contained mobile solution.

Position the display panel to suit the audience and the room. Popular height adjustable options enable anyone to work on the surface at a comfortable height. Strong and sturdy trolleys for multiple environments and applications.

Wall Mounts



Heavy duty wall mounts in a variety of options to suit the application and environment.

Fixed, swivel, motorised and height adjustable available for all sizes of screens.

Spring locking and fully secure mounts available for a multitude of wall surfaces.

Motorised Conver Table

This mobile height & tilt adjustable trolley is great for specific applications. It converts from vertical presentation mode to table mode at the touch of a button.

Designed for education or corporate use, this small group collaboration solution offers 50cm of smooth height adjustment and 0-90 degrees motorized tilt adjustment, allowing for virtually any 46”- 86” panel to be used in table and display mode or any required mid-point position. Fitted with braking castors the stand is easily moved from room to room making it ideal for flexible work spaces and special needs environments. Add a laptop shelf for even greater flexibility.

Tilt Trolley Screen
Twin Screen Trolley

Twin Screen

This unique mobile display trolley provides for two screens from 40-60 inches diagonal each to be mounted side by side. Ideal for dual screen display or use as two independent displays side by side. The trolley design includes heavy-duty anodized aluminium alloy columns and high tensile strength steel to support two panels at a maximum weight of 135kgs.

An AV shelf can be fitted below the display and a camera shelf above the display. The trolley has a rigid aluminium alloy base with smooth rolling braked castors for effortless positioning and stability during movement and while static.


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