Success Stories


Manurewa West Primary School

In 2017 Manurewa West Primary School replaced their existing interactive white boards with the latest Interactive ActivPanels.

Following the project install, Principal David Wallis had the following to say about the implementation of the new ActivPanels.....


Berkley Normal Middle School

Berkley Normal Middle School decided it was time for a change after more than 7 years with interactive whiteboards in every classroom.

They chose ActivPanels....


St Josephs Catholic School Takapuna

In 2015 St Joseph’s opened its first Innovative Learning Space. They decided to upgrade to the smaller touchscreen ActivStations (on wheels) as they fitted better with the new flexible learning spaces....


Takapuna Primary School

Takapuna Primary started their interactive whiteboard journey in 2010.

Things got even more interesting in 2015 when Takapuna purchased their first Activpanel.....


Clevedon School

Clevedon School introduced Clevertouch Stations for its Year 1 classes. They’re now in constant use and after
just one term there’s been “great progress” in the students’ learning,
according to Team Leader Sarah Park....