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Issue 83 - November 2017


Sounds - Listen to unique sound recordings from almost everywhere.

Nature Soundmap - is a collaboration by nature recordists from around the world.

Calm - Enjoy relaxing and soothing images and sounds.

Orca Research Trust - Listen to Orca calls from from the mouth of Glacier Bay, Alaska.

911 Memorial and Museum - Learn about the events of 9/11 with interactives, photos and videos.

Full Steam Ahead - Learn the science and practical knowledge of ship building.

The True Size Of - Select a country and drag the selected area around the world to see how sizes compare.

Freedom of the Press - shows the varying degrees of media freedom around the world.

Rainforest Concern - is a group committed to protecting rainforest habitats and the biodiversity they contain.

Adventures of Herman - has all you need to know about earthworms.

Issue 82 - September 2017


BetterExplained - Instead of memorising procedures, learn why equations work for an understanding of maths.

Math Pickle - Put your class in a numbers pickle with puzzles, games and unsolved problems.

Math Playground - is filled with math games, video, logic puzzles and a variety of problem solving activities.

Artyfactory - Learn to paint draw and design.

JigZone - Upload your photos and create your own digital jigsaw puzzles - from 6 to 247 pieces.

Killer Asteroids - play a physics based asteroid game, learn asteroid news, information and research.

Space Racers - is a simple take on spacey stuff with games, videos and lesson plans for teachers.

Animals and Plants - is jam packed with info on animals, plants, habitats and regions.

Wildfinder - shows the global distribution of 26,000 species that inhabit the earth.

One Big Photo - is a collection of amazing user-submitted images.

Issue 80 - July 2017


London: A Life in Maps - uses maps to follow its development from Roam to Victorian times.

The Story of Africa - tells the story of the continent from an African perspective.

Digital History - has heaps of information and searchable database.

Virtually the Ice Age - explore our early Ice Age ancestors and the landscape they inhabited.

Cassini at Saturn - NASA's online hub for all things to do with the Cassini mission.

Visit and Learn - has a tonne of information about the workings of our own NZ Parliament .

Illustrated Mathematics Dictionary - easy to understand definitions; search by keyword or browse alphabetically.

BuddhaNet - a wide-ranging site including Buddhist studies.

IslamiCity - a comprehensive and holistic look at Islam and Muslims.

SMMRY - will summarise text to save you time.

Issue 79 - May 2017


Reading Friend - a wide-ranging collection of free animated books, songs and poems.

Childrens Books Forever - popular kids stories to view digitally or download as a PDF.

Bookopolis - an online club for young readers aged 7-12 years.

Soundtrap - make music on software instruments and download as MP3 files.

Creating Music - a simple but engaging and fun site for exploring music.

Guess What! - take your learners on a journey of discovery.

Watts Up With That - grapples with the subject of climate change through examining information and issues.

Elements - experiments in character design.

Royal Cam - Department of Conservation live stream from a royal albatross colony at Taiaroa Head near Dunedin.

Whangarei Native Bird Recovery - webcams watching various birds.

Issue 78 - April 2017


100 Leaders in World History - a gallery of 'significant' leaders in world history.

Ultimate Titanic - contains a wealth of well researched and factual information about Titanic.

Cleopatra - a multimedia guide to the ancient world explores Egypt, Greece and Italy.

Scrub Club! - activities, games and songs about the importance of washing hands.

Sugar Stacks - find out how much sugar is in certain food and drinks.

A Field Guide to Germs - everything you ever wanted to know about pathogens - commonly known as germs.

Solar System Scope - view the real time position of planets and stars.

Ethnologue - learn more about the known living languages of the world.

Mathwords - interactive maths dictionary with words, terms, formulas, pictures, diagrams and tables.

FlowVella - a presentation tool for creating interactive multimedia-driven slideshows.

Issue 77 - February 2017



Energy Hogs - resources, game and energy saving ideas to explore.

CELLS alive - investigate the world of cells, microbes and the immune system.

Surfing Scientist - Australian Ruben Meerman does science shows for kids at schools in NSW and Queensland.

Ancient Greece - learn all about the cradle of western civilisation.

World Population - shows population numbers from 1 CE/AD 1 to predictions for 2050, as well as other key data.

The Fiscal Ship - challenges you to put a federal budget on a sustainable course.

Psykopaint - turn a photo into a painting or use the blank canvas option.

Wellcome Images - contains more than 100,000 unusual and interesting drawings, paintings and photographs.

Nine Planets - explores the history, mythology and current scientific knowledge of our solar system.

Canva - lets you create great looking graphics.

Issue 76 - December 2016



Great fire of London - marks the 350th anniversary of the event. Created by the Museum of London.

Pioneers of Flight - a collection of resources, information and activities exploring the formative years of aviation.

Word History Project - collaboratively record, discover and share history.

Freepik - a search engine for graphic resources. Find free verctor art, illustrations, icons and photos.

NASA's Eyes - a great way to find out what's beyond our planet.

Navy STEM for the classroom - Discovery has joined the US Navy with some interesting resources on offer.

Emoji Science - offers a table of experiments to explore.

The Internet Classics Archive - select from 441 works by 59 different authors.

Widbook - a digital collaborative community where you can read, write and publish ebooks.

81 Dash - a communication tool for educators.

Issue 75 - November 2016



NetSafe - NZ's own cybersafety group, helping users stay safe online.

Think Before You Link - gives educators resources to empower kids to make responsible decisions online.

CyberWise - learn how to use digital media safely and confidently.

MathTV - learn maths using this collection of how-to videos.

Q-files - free online encyclopedia specially designed for children.

Animal Diversity Web - a database of animal natural history and conservation biology.

Science With Me - a hub for some great science and technology learning resources.

Catch the Science Bug - based on a TV series and offering some interesting resources to explore.

EasyBib - generate and manage citations in various stuyles for your bibliography.

Citelighter - automatically cite your sources as you search for facts and information.


Issue 74 - September 2016



VocabAhead - a great collection of short videos describing and explaining words.

Word Hippo - a simple reference tool for words. Enter your word and click ‘Find it’ for the results.

Photos For Class - find safe, appropriate and authorised images for your teaching.

Symbolab - search for equations, formulas and expressions using mathematical symbols.

Space - news, opinions, advice and information on all things ‘spacey’ – created by BBC.

History Buff - a wide collection of unusal and odd historical stories, articles and anecdotes.

Mothmatic - offers a number of fairly simple maths games.

NZMaths - the home of methematics education in NZ.

HappyClass - quickly make classroom seating charts the way yuou want them.

StoryJumper - a site where teachers and students can write, share and publish stories.


Issue 73 - August 2016



BioGraphic - strange and beautiful portraits of biodiversity.

Ology - Biology, Archaeology, Zoology, Microbiology and more ‘ologies’.

Discover E - Engineering – what is it?  Career pathways and resources.

Science Book - Life, Earth and Physical sciences interactives from DK.

Meet the Greenhouse Gases - information about the greenhouse gases and their effects.

eGFI - STEM and engineering resources for students and teachers.

Teoria - music theory resources.

Pics4Learning - image library for education – safe and free.

Disaster Detector - learn how to predict and prepare for natural disasters.

Mummy Maker - learn about embalming in ancient Egypt.

Issue 72 - July 2016



SPCA Education - Teachers’ Portal.

SPCA Education - For Kids.

NetBasics - Animated stories to address common online risks and issues.

Digital Compass - Games for exploring the impact of decisions made online.

Through the Wild Web Woods - Game to help children learn internet safety rules.

Mystery Science - Open-and-go lessons that inspire kids to love science!

WordSift - Create a word cloud to analyse elements of a piece of text.

Knoword - Online word game testing vocabulary and typing skills.

Art History Basics - Khan Academy resources about the development of Art over time.

The Battle of Jutland Animation - The major events of this famous WW1 sea battle.

The 25 Biggest Turning Points in Earth’s History - Milestones that shaped our world over its 4.5 billion years.

Issue 71 - May 2016



Radioooo - Explore music by country and time period.

Perfect Pitch - Use baseball to explore the instruments of the orchestra.

Flat - Online tool to write music scores, and collaborate on a project.

Earth to Scale - Video to help understand astronomical distances.|

Space News - TIME magazine articles and images about Space.

Teach This Poem - A poem each week, with teaching resources and activities.

Fun Science Demos - Science demonstrations for young learners.

Exploriments - Simulation-based interactive learning units for Science learning.

Art for Kids Hub - Art projects and ideas for children plus teacher/parent resources.

Artsonia - Online gallery for children’s art.

Issue 70 - April 2016



Coaster Crafter - Design and build a virtual roller coaster.

Science Underground - Explore science in 2-minute podcasts.

Simple Machines - Interactives showing how levers, wedges etc. work and where they are used.

Panoramio - Google’s geolocation-oriented photo sharing mashup.

Compararea - Visually compare the area of geographic features.

How to Put a Human on Mars - The science of designing a mission to take astronauts to Mars and back.

Lifeboat to Mars - Online biology simulation game.

American Panorama - An atlas of US history – interactive maps.

Saints and Strangers - Role-play game about the Pilgrims arrival in Plymouth in 1620.

Calculus: The Musical - A comic ‘review’ of calculus concepts.

Mathsspin - Challenging mental maths games.

Issue 69 - February 2016



Weather Wiz Kids - Weather information and activities for young children.

Tawhirimatea – the Weather - Māori words, sayings and traditions about weather, clouds and wind.

NIWA Stuff for Students - Drought, storms, greenhouse gases, clouds: impacts of weather on the environment.

Sound Online Inventory and Catalogue - Huge library of audio files hosted by the US Library of Congress.

A Soft Murmur - Create background sounds to relax, banish distractions and create positive feelings.

Patatap - Sound kit for making music – with colours and animations.

Royal Shakespeare Company Teacher Resources - Ideas, activities and materials – including flipcharts.

EepyBird - Ordinary objects doing extraordinary things!

XKCD - A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, maths, and language – for teachers.

Global Closet Calculator - Interactive game about interdependence and globalisation.

Urban Observatory - Compare maps of cities around the world.